Kickstarting Weight Loss with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr. Oz is well known for talking about natural health and just as well known for featuring new diet supplements like green coffee bean extract. From melting your midsection fat to curbing your cravings, he always has the answer it seems. But how much of what he says can you trust? Well, if it’s green coffee that you’re wondering about we’d recommend visiting for more information on it. We’ll give you an intro and start, though.

What is Green Coffee Extract?

Like garcinia cambogia, It’s a somewhat new diet supplement that really got big back in the latter part of 2012. Unlike many weight loss pills out there, this one actually has a decent amount of research to back up what Oz and others have to say about it. These tests have shown weight loss to be the major factor, but participants experienced other benefits as well, which we’ll get to.

On average according to the studies, you could expect to lose at least ten percent of your body weight without even having to exercise or diet. That’s what participants lost in a study led by Joe Vinson, a chemist and professor at the University of Scranton. It was this study that got Dr. Oz’s attention and led him to bring Lindsey Duncan onto his show to share his views on it.

How do You Lose Weight?

You could say that it simply boosts your metabolism. Experts have found that this extract, made from green coffee beans, contains chlorogenic acid (CGA). You can thank this acid for the easy weight loss. Some people question why they can’t just drink coffee to get the benefits CGA. The fact is that beans you use to brew your coffee don’t have CGA – at least very tiny trace amounts that don’t do any good.

When coffee beans are roasted, which are almost always done for beans that are sold for coffee making, they lost the vast majority of the chlorogenic acid. It simply gets disintegrated in the high temperatures needed for roasting.

How Does CGA Cause Weight Loss?

Dr. Joe Vinson says that this acid reduces the amount of glucose that can be released into your bloodstream. When this happens, there’s not as much glucose in the bloodstream means your body can’t turn it into more fat deposits. So naturally, you start to melt away fat and lose weight.

Other Health Benefits

In other studies, green coffee extract has been shown to produce a number of other benefits. One was to test effects of this supplement on hypertension and amazingly, it seemed to reduce their blood pressure – again with no side effects mentioned. It’s also been noted to reduce cholesterol levels.

So whether you’ve been struggling to get rid of excess weight or just want to drop a few pounds, this is definitely something we recommend looking into. If you have high cholesterol or hypertension, talk to your doctor and see if green coffee extract might be a good possibility for you